It’s kind of hard to believe that some NBA team out there couldn’t use Jordan Crawford this season. He’s only 27, and he averaged a shade over 12 points during his seven seasons in the league with the Hawks, Wizards, Celtics, and Warriors. He’s also the guy who once dunked over LeBron James, so c’mon, you’re telling us that, like, the 76ers or Lakers couldn’t use a guy like him?

Whatever the case, he’s playing over in China with Tianjin Ronggang right now, and apparently, he’s doing pretty well for himself. During a game on Friday, he dropped 72 points, grabbed 16 rebounds, and recorded five steals. Unfortunately, his team still managed to lose, but hey, 72 points is still 72 points!

You can watch some highlights of Crawford’s performance in the clip below (which, for some reason, features Taylor Swift playing in the background):

If this doesn’t earn Crawford a second look from an NBA team, nothing will.

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[via For The Win]