Jordan Clarkson unleashed a vicious dunk during the Lakers' win over the Suns on Sunday, one that was so violent that it caused Nick Young to pretend that he needed CPR to be revived on the sidelines.


When asked what he remembered about the play afterward, Clarkson recalled some odd advice that Kobe Bryant gave him when trying to get him to be more aggressive in attacking the basket.

"All I remember is Kob telling me that I've been going to the hole like a light-skin dude," he said. "I got to start going like a dark-skin. So, when I seen the lane open up, that's all I remembered." 

John Ireland of Time Warner Cable made sure to confirm by asking Clarkson, "You went to the hole like a dark-skin dude?" To which Clarkson responded, "Yeah."

Obviously, this wasn't the most politically correct thing to say, and it's probably a conversation that Clarkson should have kept to himself. But Bryant's choice of words ultimately achieved the desired result.

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[via NBC Los Angeles]