Earlier this month, wide receiver J.J. Worton signed with the Patriots and was added to their practice squad after spending the regular season with the Rams. But it’s unlikely that Worton will be back with the Pats next season after what allegedly took place over the weekend.

According to the Foxborough Police Department in Foxborough, Mass.—the same police department that handled Chandler Jonesrecent incident—Worton groped two women inside of a bar called Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub early Saturday morning and then punched one of their boyfriends in the face before leaving the bar. Police were able to catch up with him a short time later when they pulled over a vehicle that he was riding in, and he admitted to punching the man. But Worton claimed that he accidentally brushed up against the two women and that he was acting in self-defense when he punched the man.

Despite his claims, police arrested Worton and charged him with indecent assault and battery on a person age 14 and over and assault and battery. The Patriots haven’t made any official announcement on his future with the team yet, but his contract with the team ended after the Pats lost to the Broncos on Sunday. So Worton—who was once arrested for allegedly punching a cop during a St. Patrick’s Day party while attending the University of Central Florida in March 2012—will probably not be back with the team. Stay tuned for further details.

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