LeBron James is fighting off speculation that he had something to do with the firing of head coach David BlattKevin Durant has (once again) ripped the media for overlooking the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors are wreaking havoc all across the league and making it look too easy. Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sorry, sorry. We fell asleep. It's just something that happens when you talk about a team as boring as the Spurs.

In the wake of Blake Griffin breaking his right hand after punching equipment manager Matias Testi during a recent Toronto road trip, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich spoke about his team's image prior to Wednesday's game against the Houston Rockets. See if you can spot Pop (possibly) delivering the lowkey jab (no pun intended) at Griffin and the rival Clippers. 

''I'm a little tired of that,'' Popovich said, a wry smile emerging. ''I'm looking for some people who are going to start asking people to go to some bars and do some stuff. I think a little 'street cred' would help us. We are a little boring, so I agree with them all. It's true.''

"A little fight here and there, you know, why not." 

Pop gon' Pop. 

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