CM Punk joined the UFC all the way back in December 2014, but he hasn’t actually taken part in a match yet, due in large part to a shoulder injury he suffered during training. It sounds like he might finally be ready to make his debut in 2016, though, and if he does, Dana White may have found a first opponent for him.

According to MMA Junkie, White was in Philadelphia recently for his show, Dana White: Looking for a Fight, when he encountered a fighter from New Brunswick, N.J. named Mickey Gall. Gall doesn’t have a ton of MMA experience as far as fights are concerned—his record is just 1-0—but White was reportedly impressed with him. And he was even more impressed when Gall told him he is interested in fighting Punk.

“Hey, Dana White, I don’t know if CM Punk has an opponent,” Gall said, “but I would love to fight that man.”

“I like where your head’s at,” White responded.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean White is actually going to allow Gall to get a match against Punk. But Gall is actively petitioning for it on both Twitter and Instagram:

Gall also did an interview with MMA Fighting and revealed that he doesn’t think Punk would stand a chance against him.

“Honestly, man, I think that guy’s used to going into a ring and whispering to his guy, ‘Hey, let’s do a clothesline. Hey, let’s practice jumping off the ropes and this and that,’” he said. "I think when he gets in there and he has me coming at him looking to kill him, I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it. He’s a professional wrestler, and he’s great at that. He’s made himself a millionaire doing that. But now he’s stepping into a different world, and I think he’d be in a lot of trouble.”

Regardless of who he fights, can Punk please fight someone this year? His UFC career has gotten off to a really slow start and whatever momentum he established back in 2014 has slowly (and painfully) died out.

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