After receiving a red card for tackling an opponent with his legs, a Turkish soccer player went up to him while he was laying on the ground and brutally kicked him in the face.

You can see it all unfold by checking the video clip above, and Daily Sabah has the additional details:

After the game, Karakaş told the press that he blacked out due to the kick, and he could have died. He pressed charges against Değirmenci for 'attempted manslaughter'. ...

"Thank god that kick came near my jaw. If it had hit me directly in the face, it could have broken my nose, made me blind or break my neck," Karakaş said, adding that he has been suffering from serious neck pain and hasn't been able to sleep for the last two days.

Speaking to the press after the incident, Değirmenci claimed that Karakaş cursed at his late mother during the charge and he could not control himself after the red card.

Even if the man delivering the kick was provoked, this was an extremely violent act that could have resulted in something far worse. There isn't really a strong precedent for players in professional sports leagues in the states getting charged for acts of violence on the field, so it'll be interesting to see how this situation ultimately plays out.

[via FTW]

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