"So everything teeters on the athlete? Every responsibility is on the athlete? Nobody ever said, 'If we start paying these coaches hundreds of millions of dollars the game is going to crumble.' Nobody says that. Nobody says, 'If we start putting these things on TV and we start having billion-dollar television contracts the game is going to go to hell.' Nobody says that. 'If we start charging hundreds and hundreds of dollars for tickets, nobody is going to come to the games anymore.' Nobody says that. And, 'If we start selling jerseys with the player’s number on them, that ain’t right, that’s going to ruin the game.' Nobody says that.

"Everything we are doing, people are loving. And it’s the same old story. Like in baseball when the reserve clause was in place and when the players battled to get rid of that. And Curt Flood took MLB to the Supreme Court and lost. And then free agency came in the '70s when I was a kid. People said, 'Baseball is going to be ruined.' It’s doing just fine. It’s making more money than it ever made. More eyeballs are on it.

"Same thing about the Olympics. When we let pros play in the Olympics, people said 'It’s over.' And now it’s more popular than ever.

"And so those are just lame doomsday scenarios in order to keep the status quo. And what I hear most often—I understand fans saying, 'Don’t mess with it. I like it the way it is.' Or people [saying], 'Oh look, people called for the players to get paid and now we don’t have NCAA video games anymore, thanks a lot.'

"Okay so that’s the deal? Because you can’t play video games, the players don’t deserve it? What I hear is, 'You know I pay for school, screw those guys, I’d love to trade places with them.' Who else do you say that to? Do you say that to Wiz Khalifa? Like do you say, 'I’d love to trade places with a pop star/rapper, so they shouldn’t make money.' Or 'I play golf in the summer. I’d love to trade places with Tiger Woods, so Tiger shouldn’t make as much money. Because I’d trade places with him.'

"Why does that only apply to a college athlete? 'Boy, we pay the athletes and the game goes to hell.' It’s amazing that in our society we’ve allowed this to happen."