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Less than a week after their football team blew a lead in the final seconds to lose the Big Ten Championship (and miss the College Football Playoff) Iowa's basketball team let a 20-point advantage slip away to in-state rival (and No. 4 team in the country) Iowa State.

Though you'd expect the nation's No. 4 squad to beat an unranked team, the comeback still caused Cyclones fans to storm the court, and in the chaos a middle-aged reporter from the Des Moines Register suffered a pain few outside of Joe Theismann can fully comprehend (link not for the squeamish). That reporter, Randy Peterson, sustained a compound leg fracture as a result of said court storming, and was eventually stretchered off the hardwood in an aircast:

Afterward, Peterson tweeted out a joke reaction to his blinding pain, presumably because it's less depressing than tweeting "AUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!" over and over until the painkillers kicked in...:

Thankfully that appears to have happened soon afterward:

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

[via ESPN, Twitter]

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