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Devon Still shared some great news with the world earlier this month when he revealed that his daughter Leah is cancer-free. But that doesn’t mean that he’s going to stop supporting other kids who are going through a situation like the one his daughter just went through.

According to TMZ Sports, the NFL lineman heard a story about a girl named Nicole Pfister, who has been bullied by other kids online as a result of her battle with leukemia (even just typing that seems wrong—what in the world is wrong with some people?). So Still called the girl’s parents this week and told them that he wants to do something nice for them. He has offered to fly Nicole and her family to Disney World.

This is obviously a really nice gesture on Still’s part. But it’s  sad that he has to go out of his way to make up for the behavior of a bunch of kids who have bullied a girl for battling such a serious disease.

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