On Monday, while in court for a hearing for his alleged sexual assault against former girlfriend Christy Mack, ex-MMA fighter Jonathon Koppenhaver (who you may know as the ridiculously self-named "War Machine") acted like a guy who really really wants to go to prison and blew a kiss at the prosecutor, causing her to momentarily stop and say "Judge, for the record, Mr. Koppenhaver just blew a kiss at me." What followed was this exchange between Koppenhaver and said Judge:

District Judge Elissa Cadish turned to the defendant, who was seated in the jury box, while shackled and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit: "Mr. Koppenhaver, stop. You are not to make any gestures of any kind toward counsel. Don't go there."

Koppenhaver smiled. "Yes, mam."

Also of note is that his lawyer, Brandon Sua, who also must really really want him to go to prison, reasoned that Mack's "work in pornography pointed to consent," and that the two frequently engaged in "rough sex," adding that her occupation indicated "desire, the preference, the acceptability towards a particular form of sex activities that were outside of the norm." His argument centered around whether it's okay or not to use as evidence a victims' sexual history.

Sua claims that text messages sent that night show "ample evidence of (Mack) enticing Mr. Koppenhaver to come over that evening, ample evidence of her consenting to him being there." The judge ordered those alleged texts to be turned over to the court for review.

Koppenhaver is currently facing 34 felony charges, including: kidnapping, sexual assault, and attempted murder.

[via Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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