Old man Kobe Bryant graced Madison Square Garden on Sunday afternoon, shot 6-19 and left with his Lakers suffering a 99-95 loss at the hands of the New York Knicks. Despite the loss, and despite the fact that the Lakers are now 1-5, Bryant still found time to take shots at the Knicks and the offense his former coach Phil Jackson is trying to install through Derek Fisher. 

The Knicks' struggles with implementing the Triangle offense under Fisher last season were well documented. According to Kobe Bryant, it hasn't improved much this season either. 

In case you had trouble hearing, Bryant told Spike Lee, "that's not a f***ing triangle. That's a square."

If there's anyone who can recognize the nuances of the Triangle, and whether those trying to run it are doing it justice, it's Kobe. And, to his point, the Knicks are currently 18th in the NBA in points per game while shooting just 41 percent from the field. But like someone on Twitter said in response to the above tweet, you got beat by that square, bro. 

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