If Jahlil Okafor hadn’t gotten into a fight with a heckler outside of a Boston nightclub last Wednesday night, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t know about a separate altercation in Philadelphia involving Okafor and a man with a gun. There’s also a good chance that we wouldn’t know about how the 76ers rookie was reportedly pulled over after getting clocked going over 100 MPH recently. And we almost definitely wouldn’t know that Okafor tried using a fake ID in a Philadelphia bar last month.

Okafor did get into a fight last week, though, so now all of his dirt is coming to light and that includes the story about the fake ID. According to CSN Philly, he attempted to use the ID at a bar in Philly last month. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work because, “HEY, AREN’T YOU THE TALL GUY ON THE SIXERS?!” But the bar apparently let Okafor go without contacting the police.

The bad news here is that there are clearly a bunch of reporters digging into Okafor’s past and, if he has gotten into as much trouble as he has in just the last month alone, can you imagine what else they’re going to find?! Stay tuned.

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