Are you tired of watching NBA impersonator @BdotAdot5 imitate NBA players? We aren’t, but judging by the ruthless comments that we’ve seen on Facebook, some of you are. Even though he’s nailed impressions of Carmelo Anthony, Jason Williams, and, most recently, Kevin Garnett, fatigue has set in for some folks.

With that in mind, @BdotAdot5 just switched things up and tackled a new sport. For his latest video, he did impersonations of NFL wide receivers catching passes in all kinds of crazy Odell Beckham Jr.-esque ways before games as opposed to NFL wide receivers catching or, more appropriately, not catching passes during games.

Watch him go to work in the clip above. We’ll be over here patiently waiting for the first @BdotAdot5 NHL impersonations video to drop…

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[via @BdotAdot5]