The divide in the Thunder locker room is about 8 feet wide, barely enough space to execute a proper pick-and-roll.

It's not an accident. 

This place, which houses the OKC Thunder and has been home to many a conflict—some between players and some (not so famously) between players and media—gives all non-residents a clear view of who's in charge, who's not, and exactly how this Oklahoma City basketball caste system operates.

Part battleground and part sanctuary. Superstars together over here, everyone else to the side.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the focal points, not just of the NBA, or the Thunder, or even the city that they play in, but in here, too, with nothing to separate them except for one empty locker.

And all by design. Everything is intentional with the Thunder, so this setup while lacking an organic feel and void of ergonomic ease, shows itself as a unified, consolidate front.

The Thunder have two superstars. They are going to sit together, they're best friends, and this is going to work. No matter what you might think.