UPDATE (10/11/15): Richard Deitsch, who covers sports media for Sports Illustrated, is reporting that the four staffers leaving Grantland for HBO are Sean Fennessey, Juliet Litman, Mallory Rubin and Chris Ryan. He also reports that Dan Fierman, who was the founding editorial director of Grantland, was leaving to become vice president and editorial director for MTV News. Things aren't looking great for the future of Grantland

Original story: ESPN's recent high turnover rate continues with the resignation of four Grantland staffers. What's more? They're "highly regarded" and are leaving to join Bill Simmons, according to James Andrew Miller. The names of those staffers haven't been revealed.

4 highly regarded @Grantland33 staffers turned in resignations today to @ESPN and will be going to work for @BillSimmons

— James Andrew Miller (@JimMiller) October 9, 2015

Response from @espn: "We completely expected turnover which is not at all unusual in this space..."

— James Andrew Miller (@JimMiller) October 10, 2015

"...though we have re-signed seven @Grantland33 staffers in recent weeks. The site's traffic continues to soar." #espn

— James Andrew Miller (@JimMiller) October 10, 2015

The exodus was expected after Bill Simmons parted ways with the site when ESPN decided not to renew his contract. ESPN president John Skipper said the site wasn't going to change, but to many, the writing was on the wall. Grantland had already suffered a huge loss when Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Wesley Morris left and became the critic at large in culture for the New York Times.

While ESPN tries to salve its wounds, Simmons is expected to deliver on his huge deal with HBO. Coincidentally, that deal begins this month.

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[via James Andrew Miller]