Last night Clemson beat an overrated Notre Dame team (as if there's any other kind) in college football's game of the week. This led to excitable chatter from Clemson's excitable coach Dabo Swinney, but that was temporarily halted to give us a live look-in at Jay Harris and Kevin Connors fucking around on their tablets (or, more likely, doing last second preparations for SportsCenter). Afterward the play-by-play guy for the game, Chris Fowler, explained what happened:

He was met with skepticism from crazy people who seem to think Swinney is the first coach/player ever to invoke god after a sporting event:

Later ESPN aired the full, uninterrupted, interview. But, again, it's a postgame interview. We're not sure what you're doing today, but we know you got something better to do than watch a full postgame interview.

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