If you haven't heard, Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes drove 95 miles from Santa Barbara, Calif. to Los Angeles recently to fight former teammate Derek Fisher upon hearing the Knicks head coach was at Barnes' ex-wife Gloria Govan's house. The New York Post is reporting that Fish has been dating Ms. Govan for "a few months" and doesn't plan on pressing any charges. With Roy Hibbert getting slapped yesterday, the Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant beef, the ESPN Kobe ranking, and this situation, the 2016 NBA Preseason is going down in the history books as one of the best.

Naturally, Twitter erupted in chaos and let the jokes fly because fuck facts. Barnes driving all that way to give Fisher the hands is eerily similar to last season's Temecula Gate. It also didn't help that he lied about dating Rihanna. Matt Barnes has been taking mad Ls lately. He's fed up! Anyway, we snatched up some of the funniest tweets regarding the situation. Check 'em out below:

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