Alongside the likes of EA SPORTS FIFA and Grand Theft Auto, WWE video games became a staple of every kid's Christmas wish list in the noughties and 15 years on from the end of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin graces the over of WWE 2K16, giving wrestling fans old and new another chance to open up a nostalgic can of whoopass.

The latest title in the WWE franchise represents 2K Sports' second effort at bringing the blood, sweat and tears of Monday Night Raw to PS4 and Xbox One and when you look beyond the game's beautiful aesthetics (ignoring close up shots of Big Show, obviously), there's enough creativity, online functionality and depth on offer here to make us believe that developers are starting to maximise the potential of the current generation of consoles.

After getting hands on with WWE 2K16, we've got some news that's going to draw even more 'this is awesome' chants than a trip to Suplex City: we've got a wrestling game that's actually better than Smackdown! 2.

Here's everything you need to know before copping WWE 2K16.