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GOAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! This is one of the greatest promos you will ever see. This is WWE-type production from the folks over at Mexico's TV Azteca.

The U.S. and Mexico have a storied  rivalry dating back to 1800s when Americans stole half of the continental United States from Mexico in the name of manifest destiny. These days, the rivalry is about soccer and Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise. One guy that takes issue with Mexicans coming across the border to commit crimes is Donald Trump, and someone over at TV Azteca had the brilliant idea of using one of Trump's outlandish speeches about Mexican lowlifes killing the American Dream as the backdrop to highlights of Team Mexico kicking the U.S. team's ass.

The two clubs are set to meet October 10 in a special CONCACAF playoff to get into the 2017 Confederations Cup. As of right now, Mexico leads their head-to-head matchup 33-19 and have come to a draw with the U.S. 14 times. They'll duke it out in L.A.'s Rose Bowl, which will essentially be a home game for the boys south of the border. After this promo, it should be epic.

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