A wild Sunday Night Football game came down to a final drive by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and like he's done more than any other QB in the fourth quarter since 2006, Romo drove his team down the field for the comeback victory. With just 1:17 left, forty extra seconds that were gifted to them by the New York Giants curious decision to throw the ball on third down on their prior possession, Romo began the drive at the 28 yard line and swiftly moved the Cowboys down field. 

Then, with 13 seconds left, Romo bobbled the snap, scooped it up and threw a dart to Jason Witten for the game-winning touchdown anyway. Aside from the exciting, last second win, it also gave us another classic edition of the Manning Face, a glorious weekly tradition.

Welcome back, football. 

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[Via Cowboys 24/7]