The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers square off this Thursday night in the first game of the 2015 NFL season (thank you Based God), and with that comes the ever exciting pre-game conference calls with the opposing team's reporters. Newly freed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did his duty today with the Pittsburgh media, and was of course asked about DeflateGate and his now defunct four-game suspension.

Perhaps trying to bring about some good karma, Brady praised commissioner Roger Goodell, the very same man who tried to suspend him in one of the more laughable disciplinary cases the league has ever been involved in.

"I certainly have a great amount of respect for the commissioner and what his job is," Brady said, before attempting to turn the attention back to the actual game being played on Thursday. 

This is probably, definitely a lie, since Goodell essentially tried to assert himself in a power struggle with the league's most popular quarterback instead of pursuing more pressing issues in the NFL like, I don't know, that whole domestic violence thing. When prodded to speak more about the subject Brady said he has "a lot of personal feelings" on DeflateGate and talking about that is for "another time," which translates to "Let me go get another Super Bowl and then I'll drop a diss track so you know how I really feel."

Brady knows he's the face of the league, and to his credit has refrained from taking personal shots at the guy that signs his paychecks. But man, it's a good thing he said those comments over the phone. We can only imagine what his face looked like when "great amount of respect" was coming out of his mouth. 

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