UPDATE: The NFL's Twitter account has deleted the original tweet. 

See original story below:

Just hours after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said some kind words about Roger Goodell on a conference call, the NFL threw a little bit of shade at the league's poster boy.

In a tweet that reads "It will be _____ vs. ______ at #SB50," the NFL attached a photo that included Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethslisberger, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning. You know, the elite quarterbacks in the league, though Palmer's name is a little questionable here. Still, it felt like someone was missing. But who? Oh, I know. The quarterback that won the Super Bowl last year and has four championship rings, Tom Brady.

Maybe some intern just blanked on including him here. Or maybe the NFL is still smarting over Judge Berman overturning its four-game suspension of Brady over DeflateGate. Either way, to put in Carson Palmer over Tom Brady in this photo is a travesty, and it's a hilarious bit of shade from the NFL's social media team. 

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[Via @NFL]