Caron Butler overcame a lot of adversity at the beginning of his life. He details it in his new book, Tuff Juice. And according to TMZ Sports, Butler's story is so interesting that Mark Wahlberg is reportedly thinking about turning it into a movie.

Wahlberg lent his support to the project by tweeting about it yesterday:

And when TMZ Sports caught up with Butler this week, he said that there's a chance the book could receive the biopic treatment courtesy of Wahlberg.

"It's a possibility," he said. "I've spent some time with Mark Wahlberg. He loved my story."

Butler also revealed that he's already got the perfect person picked out to play him in the movie.

"Michael B. Jordan," he told TMZ Sports. "I loved what he did in Fruitvale Station. I think he would do a great job at sharing my story."

Would you watch?

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[via TMZ Sports]