Sometimes the best place to hide is in the most obvious places. Such is the case for recently-signed Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin.

Last week, Lin was featured in an adidas ad in which he dressed up as a fat guy with a beard at a gym. This week,  Lin couldn't even get recognized as himself without a costume, as he tried to enter the Hornets team arena. Apparently, a security guard of the arena were reluctant to let him enter the facilities because they didn't believe that it was actually the former "Linsanity" star.

Lin jokingly tweeted about the initial denial from the arena security:

A Hornets spokesman said the team didn't have any comment about the matter. Although, there is something to be said about how that must feel humbling, and counterintuitively rewarding, for Jeremy to go from a New York Knicks star to a journeyman player who can barely get past his new team's front door.

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