If you watch TV it's very likely that you haven't seen a commercial for anything other than DraftKings or FanDuel for at least six months. The ad spots are so repetitive that it's only natural to be worn down over time and give either service a shot. However, if you're a college athlete you may want to avoid those sites with the same dedication as that of a recovering gambling addict because (according to NCAA vice president of regulatory affairs/father of Andrew) Oliver Luck getting caught using either one of them for college sports could will cost you a year of eligibility:

At this point you can note the irony of DraftKings/FanDuel constantly running ads during college athletics, which means the people who run those broadcasts obviously profited off them. (One conference, the Pac-12, has decided to prohibit those spots from their airwaves).

Daily fantasy sports like those mentioned have done their best to distance themselves from gambling and, instead, DraftKings uses the qualifier “skill-based gambling,” which is legal in 45 out of you should know how many states there are.

Earlier this year ESPN ran “cover alerts” for college football spreads, but stopped after a single week. According to the network's executive vice president John Wildhack “We did it once. I didn’t like it, and we stopped it. To me, it was too overt. Part of everything we do has a little bit of trial and error.”

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