Yesterday, the U.S. district judge in charge of Tom Brady's lawsuit against the NFL (filed by the NFLPA) ruled that in order for the case to proceed, previously-confidential evidence would need to be released to the public. 

The NFLPA complied by unsealing thousands of pages of emails and transcripts. And a day later, as more and more news outlets have sifted through the data dump, we've come to learn that Brady has had some pretty interesting private convos.

However, out of all the gems uncovered in Brady's inbox, our favorite may be the correspondence concerning Brady's longtime nemesis, Peyton Manning

In it, Brady is emailing with his close friend Kevin Brady; they're reportedly discussing a Grantland article by the site's former editor-in-chief Bill Simmons, who was writing about the career trajectories of the two Hall of Fame signal-callers. In Brady's email chain, however, he quickly puts a stop to the conversation.

You hear that, Peyton? Your days are numbered, and Tom knows it. 

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