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This past Monday, after another bloody, brutal confrontation with Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker was slated to appear on Raw. Presumably, he would have addressed SummerSlam’s screwy finish, which blew up Twitter and social media on Sunday night. Fans had assumed that the main event would end with shenanigans—a Sting appearance or a masked Kane interference, perhaps. But no one expected the Undertaker to tap, much less deliver a low blow behind the ref’s back for the win. It cemented what appeared to be a late-career heel turn for the Dead Man, and the fans wanted answers.

Instead, The Undertaker was pulled from his Monday night appearance. Paul Heyman delivered a blistering rant on live TV, while Taker, according to the dirt sheets, flew back to his home in Texas. Reports state that Taker won’t be back until Wrestlemania season. Then, presumably, he’ll fight Brock Lesnar for the third and final time in this ongoing angle.

when we as fans legitimately fear for the life of the performer behind the character, it crosses a line. It’s no longer fun.

But the WWE should forget about it. Just forget about it. It would be better if the Undertaker never came back as an in-ring competitor. It’s time for the man to retire, right now, before WWE Creative destroys his reputation even further, or before he receives a serious injury that he will not recover from. This is not meant as an insult; the Undertaker has figured into the childhoods of at least two generations of wrestling fans; he’s combined spectacle, athleticism, and ring psychology into a frightening, intimidating package. And for 25 years, it’s been a whole lot of fun. Until, all of a sudden, it wasn’t anymore.