The 2015 NFL preseason has only been going on for about three weeks now, but Dez Bryant has already been involved in two different fights. Earlier this month, he got into it with one of his teammates. And most recently, he got punched in the face during a Cowboys brawl with the Rams yesterday. You can watch the punch here:

During today's episode of ESPN First Take, former NFL safety Ryan Clark joined Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith to discuss Bryant's recent rash of fights, and he offered up a suggestion for Bryant. Next offseason, Clark believes Bryant needs to train with someone who can teach him how to duck and dodge punches.

"He needs to go train with Floyd Mayweather," Clark suggested.

Clark's Twitter followers were quick to remind him about this:

But Clark might actually have a point. Training with Money Mayweather might not be a bad idea for Dez. Well, either that or he needs to stop trying to fight his fellow players.

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