In late July, offensive lineman Jonathan Martin announced his retirement, putting an end to his brief, roller coaster three-year NFL career. After getting bullied by former teammate Richie Incognito as a member of the Miami Dolphins, Martin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The change of scenery was short-lived for the Stanford product, who was cut by the team less than a month later. 

From the outside looking in, it appeared that Martin was living the life. He was playing the sport he loved, starting every Sunday and making millions of dollars in the process. But, there's plenty of things we didn't know about the 26-year-old leading up to his retirement announcement a couple of weeks ago. 

In a revealing Facebook post, Martin shared everything from his upbringing, struggling to fit in with the "cool" crowd, how football led him to trying to commit suicide "on multiple occasions" and the so-called family and friends he has encountered along the way.  

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[via Jonathan A. Martin]