It wasn't meant to end like this.

Last year, the Premier League's prodigal son had returned. His on-pitch and off-pitch performances with Manchester City had made him the perfect embodiment of Premier League excess. There were stories of firing fireworks at youth team players, there were outrageous goals and there were red cards. It seemed like British football had a new hero. 

After a eighteen months exiled in his native Italy, Liverpool's signing of Mario Balotelli was one of the headline moves of last year's transfer window. It seemed to be win-win. He was either going to bang in the goals for Liverpool or keep the fans constantly entertained with his antics. Sadly, neither happened. He only scored once in the league and he managed to stay relatively well behaved and now, a year later, he leaves these shores for probably the last time with the meekest of goodbyes: a season long loan. 

But why didn't Balotelli's triumphant return to British football work out? Where did it all go so wrong for him? His year at Liverpool is a series of missed chances, brief resurrections and stupid mistakes. Here are some of them.