There's two types of people who leave their dog(s) in the car during a hotter-than-hell day:

1.) People who are unaware of just how unbearable fatal it can become.


2.) Self-absorbed dicks.

You can't do anything about the second group of people. But you can do your best to educate the first group before their best friends get cooked alive. Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu did his part by participating in a video for PETA where he sat for as long as he could (spoiler: eight minutes) in a car that reached temperatures suitable for Venus. If you decide to watch the video remember that he can escape anytime he wants, he doesn't have a sweater permanently affixed to him, and he actually has the ability to sweat. Also remember that this is a dude who's been playing in Phoenix for the past two season. A town that was 108 degrees as of 4 P.M. today.

[via YouTube/PETA]

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