Hulk Hogan continues to find himself in hot water over racist and homophobic remarks he made during a sex tape that was filmed eight years ago. But at least a couple of people Hogan knows personally are coming to his defense.

Dennis Rodman was the first, when he sent out a tweet saying he's known Hogan for 25 years, and that "There isn't a racist bone in that man's body." 

Now we have Roddy Piper, a buddy from Hogan's professional wrestling days, essentially saying the same. Although the reason he gives initially isn't exactly one that makes a whole lot of sense.

"He's not racist at all," Piper told TMZ. "He hasn't got time to be one. There's not time to be racist. We're pro wrestlers. There's no anti-semitism or racism."

Being a racist wouldn't appear to be all that time-consuming on the surface.  But believe it or not, the reasoning Piper gives for defending Hogan gets less coherent as the conversation continues, so we'll just stop right here. 

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(via Uproxx)