Dennis Rodman is having a busy day. This afternoon, in the spirit of campaign season, the ever-controversial NBA legend decided to reveal his allegiances for the 2016 Presidential election. Rodman has never been afraid to share his opinions in the political arena, and as a noted friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, one naturally assumes that he would have the political know-how to select a levelheaded and intelli—

Ah, gotcha. Nevermind, then. 

Of course, Rodman's endorsement of human toupee stand Donald Trump wasn't the only news the five-time champion made today. Earlier in the day, news broke about racist comments made by pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. Sensing a friend in need of a hand, Rodman lended his support to the embattled star, despite Hogan's past admittance that he is "a little bit racist," along with repeated uses of the n-word. 

He even tried to drag a few, high-profile friends into the matter.

Crickets. Looks like you're on your own with this one, Dennis.

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