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It hasn't been a great week for Taylor Swift. Her misguided tweets directed at Nicki Minaj have been the subject of much conversationKaty Perry chimed in on the VMA conversation by throwing some shade of her longtime nemesis. So, can Taylor find some sort of solace somewhere else, say, in the world of sports? Eh, not really. 

Over the weekend, the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2015 Fan Convention took place. At one point, former coach Denis Savard revealed that, during the 2007-08 season, then-rookie Patrick Kane had a mental lapse which resulted the opposing team scoring a goal. 

What is the reason for the mental lapse? According to Savard, there were two blonde women in the crowd that caught the eye of Kane and threw him off his game. One of those females was Taylor. 

Take a look at the clip below to hear the entire story. 

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