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You know what sounds absolutely miserable? Sitting through a 14-inning (!) Alaska Baseball League game. A 14-inning MLB game sounds brutal enough, so we can't even imagine spending that much time trying to decide the outcome of a game that no one actually cares about.

Two ABL managers found a way to spice things up during a recent 14-inning game, though, by getting into a fistfight on the field that led to a crazy bench-clearing brawl. In the clip above, you'll see Peninsula Oilers manager Kevin Griffin and Anchorage Bucs manager Mike Grahovac going at it for some unknown reason after Grahovac got ejected from the game for arguing balls and strikes. And then, about two seconds later, you'll see players from both teams come running in to help.

Fortunately, coolers heads prevailed before things got too wild. But if the Alaska Baseball League was trying to get our attention, IT WORKED. It's just too bad it doesn't seem like anyone was actually in the stands to see this go down.

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[via Next Impulse Sports]