If you're not familiar with Haneef "Young Hollywood" Munir, we'd suggest you go and Google his name. We've covered him in the past, thanks to this incredible dunk that he threw down last year, and he's arguably the best dunker we've ever seen. Dude is only about 5-foot-11, but he can pull off any dunk he wants.

He added another impressive one to his résumé over the weekend at a celebrity basketball game at Crenshaw High School in California. With a crowd gathered around him, Young Hollywood jumped over Trinidad James, put a basketball between his legs, and then slammed it home. You can watch it in the clip above—or check it out in Vine form from a different angle below:

As Ball Is Life pointed out, this wasn't quite as amazing as the time he did the same dunk over Blake Griffin. But he made this look so easy that it's hard not to impressed.

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[via Ball Is Life]