There's no shortage of rabid LeBron James fans in the world. They range from this guy who risked his freedom to try and get LeBron back in Cleveland to this guy who shed tears after LeBron touched his hand recently. So it's hard to surprise us when it comes to crazy LBJ fans, but one especially crazy Bron Bron fan just managed to do it.

His name is Matt Lau Rey and he just admitted that, if he was forced to do it, he would reconstruct his insides, throw a womb inside of himself, and carry LeBron's baby, just to make sure that LeBron's genes were passed down. It's a new level of crazy and, frankly, a very disturbing idea. Here's what Matt posted on Facebook, according to Black Sports Online:

"Would ya'll do the same for your favorite player?" Matt writes, "or do you not respect them at all."

We don't even know where to begin...

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[via Black Sports Online]