LeBron James is still mourning the NBA Finals loss that he sustained against the Warriors earlier this month. But the Cavaliers superstar won't be mourning for much longer. Last night, he took to Facebook to reveal that he's going to bounce back this offseason and become an even better player than he already is (scary, right?). And LeBron is also going to have a busy summer off the basketball court.

Next month, LeBron is set to star in Judd Apatow's new movie, Trainwreck. It looks like it'll be very funny, and LeBron is already turning heads with his acting skills. But according to Apatow, LeBron wasn't necessarily a natural when he showed up on set. In fact, Apatow had to tell LeBron to change his deep voice a little bit so that the audience would be able to hear and understand him.

In the clip above, Apatow tells Conan O'Brien about it and then shows an exclusive clip of Apatow working with LeBron on his vocal range. Looks like LeBron can take coaching after all, eh?

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