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The Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate is now officially over. And it has nothing to do with what LeBron did or didn't do during Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals.

Prior to last night's Warriors/Cavaliers game, the San Francisco Chronicle asked several members of the Oakland Athletics to weigh in on the success of their NBA counterparts this season. And while most of them stuck to talking specifically about the Finals, A's outfielder Josh Reddick took it upon himself to end the MJ vs. LBJ conversation once and for all. In his mind, MJ is definitely better than LeBron will ever be because, well, have you seen Space Jam?

"Nothing would please Warrior fans and the Bay Area more than to see the Warriors take down LeBron," he said. "Dethrone him. As good a player as LeBron is, he's not unbeatable. He's not Michael [Jordan]. When's the last time LeBron saved the earth from an alien race?"

Hmmm…let us think about that one. How about…NEVER!

Thank you, Josh. You have solved one of life's great mysteries and made all of our lives better as a result of it.

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