In Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals, there was not only a noticeable difference in Draymond Green's game, setting a series-high in points (17) and assists (6), but something also changed with his behavior. Green wasn't arguing with the referees over nearly every single play that he thought was a foul. As Robert Littal of Black Sports Online found out, Draymond's mom and grandmother were responsible for that latter change. 

“My mom and my grandma told me I’m crying too much. ‘Leave the officials alone and just play. They’ve got you out there looking like you’re a punk and don’t know how to play basketball,’” Green revealed to BSO. “When you sit back and watch, that’s what I was doing. The fact that you asked me that question even further lets me know that that’s what I was doing. So I just told myself that I’m going to come out and play and whatever happens happens.”

Everyone knows that momma (and grandma) knows best and on Thursday, they proved it once again. Even though Green nearly fouled out, he used that frustration and anger towards the refs and put up his best all-around game in the Finals. If Draymond can continue to this "complain less and just play" attitude, the Warriors have a good chance of continuing to turn the tide in this series and come away with the chip. 

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[via Black Sports Online]