Last week, prior to the start of the 2015 NBA Finals, we told you about 36 different bets that people on Twitter are going to regret after the Finals end. Most of them involve people promising to give away large sums of money to those who retweeted them, but there are also a few really ridiculous ones. None are as ridiculous as the bet that ESPN's Dan Le Batard just made, though.

Le Batard—who infamously trolled LeBron James with a billboard last summer—didn't think Cleveland stood a chance of beating the Warriors after Game 1 of the series. So during an episode of The Dan Le Batard Show on Friday, he seemingly agreed to eat "one single bite of poop" if the Cavs win the Finals. We say "seemingly agreed" because, unfortunately, the show ended on a cliffhanger with Le Batard neither agreeing to or turning down the "poop" bet that was proposed to him. And he's done nothing but build the suspense ever since then, retweeting those who have asked him about the bet without ever confirming or denying it.

Either way, he better hope Golden State comes back to win the series. Otherwise, he's going to be pissed about LeBron getting a ring with the Cavs instead of his Heat and receiving tweets about eating shit for the rest of the summer. We don't know if that makes us want to root for or against Cleveland. Hmmm...

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