The NBA is hard. Chances are that you, the reader, aren't good enough to play in the league. Don't feel bad—neither am I. The extreme difficulty and selectivity of the NBA makes even getting looked at an achievement in itself.

Getting drafted and actually making it in the league are two different things, though. Practically every NBA player experiences the former, but it's the latter that poses the real challenge. Players who fail to reach their potential often cost front office execs their jobs, drive coaches into pits of despair, and break the hearts of otherwise stable fans. "We could've had SO-AND-SO!" They're your Greg Odens and your Anthony Bennetts, but are most commonly referred to as busts.  They're the basketball equivalent to Lionel Richie's "Hello" video: They're supposed to be one thing, but end up being something completely, irredeemably different. Hope is a dangerous thing, fans of lottery teams. These are the 15 Biggest Draft Busts of the Last 10 Years. 

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