Back in 2009, Tiger Woods was involved in one of the biggest sex scandals in sports history. It all started when The National Enquirer published a story about Woods carrying on an extramarital affair with a New York City nightclub manager named Rachel Uchitel. By the time it ended, Woods was divorced, embarrassed by all of the subsequent stories that came out after, and forced to take a leave of absence from the game of golf after revealing that he was battling a sex addiction. He hasn't won a single major tournament since then, and you could argue that the scandal single-handedly altered the entire course of his career and, on a deeper level, his life.

And believe it or not, he's going through something similar again. Fortunately, it's nowhere near as bad as what happened about five years ago. But recently, The Daily Mail published a story about how Lindsey Vonn broke up with Tiger last month because of—you guessed it!—infidelity issues. It's something that seems to be taking a toll on Tiger, and for the second time, we're being forced to find out all sorts of things about him that we don't necessarily want to discover. With that in mind, here are 12 Things We Really Wish We Didn't Know About Tiger Woods' Sex Life. TMI, Tiger!