Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a girlfriend now, so he can't get caught slipping on Tinder. He does, however, have tips for all the guys out there struggling to score matches and have meaningful conversation on the app. He told ESPN Radio's Outsider Mike a few of them:

  • "You gotta hit the 'swipe right' button for every single one." 
  • "Use the pick-up lines [Google will] give you. Type in 'pick-up lines on Tinder and use those lines." 
  • "You can't be serious. It's Tinder—write something crazy."

Gronk, who said he had trouble convincing his Tinder matches that he was actually Gronk, provided this pick-up line when prompted for an example:  

"Like, ‘Hey, do you workout? Because I’m ripped. I’m jacked,’ and then send them a picture with your shirt off. Then they’ll be like, ‘Woah, this guy’s serious. I like that.'”

Good luck using that pick-up line, noodle arms.


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