Let's get this out of the way first. Stephen Curry has ascended past the level of great basketball player. He is something else entirely. He is virtually...no, forget it, he is completely unguardable now. He'll take you off the dribble, he'll throw a pass you didn't even think was possible or he will pull up from literally anywhere on the court before you've even blinked. He is omnipresent. 

During a stretch in the third quarter of Game 3, in which the Golden State Warriors ballooned their lead to almost 30 points, Curry went into full Chef mode. First, he pulled up and drained a 3 from the left corner with, then gave a Houston Rockets fan sitting courtside who'd been talking trash that baby-faced smile of his as he jogged back down the court.

Soon after that, he got the ball back in that same corner after Klay Thompson had his lay-up blocked, hit another 3, and that same fan now wanted a high five. But Curry ignored the groupie, instead choosing to turn around and just stare the crowd down. It was the best. He set the record for most 3-pointers made in a postseason when he hit his 59th, and ended up dropping 40 in all on just 19 shots. 

On the other side, the Rockets looked dead in the water. They talked a big game about how they've been down before in the playoffs and they have all the confidence in the world playing back at home, but the Warriors stole their souls. The Rockets lazily left shooters open. Steph Curry took a rebound away from Dwight Howard. And Twitter began longing for the Los Angeles Clippers to come back so we could've had a better Western Conference Finals. It's safe to say we're all ready for the Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals that feels like a forgone conclusion at this point.