Cardale Jones and the national champion Ohio State Buckeyes were at last night's Bulls/Cavs playoff game in Cleveland. LeBron James put his headband back on and scored 33 points in the Cavs win, and everyone inside Quicken Loans Arena was feeling themselves. To add to the atmosphere, during a timeout, Jones and his teammates stood on the court got some love from the crowd. 

At some point during the Ohio State tribute, Jones grabbed the mic and shouted, "Let’s go bring another championship to Ohio. Let’s go Cavs!" The extra bit of cheerleading got Joakim Noah's attention. 

Did Noah, an SEC alum via the Florida Gators, forget that the Big Ten's Jones crushed the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl? No matter—Jones took to Twitter after the game to regulate Noah in his own way. 

We'll see if this becomes an ongoing feud for the rest of the series. 

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[via CBS Sports