There's absolutely no way that Gilbert Arenas doesn't remember his former Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton. Back in December 2009, the two men got into BIG trouble after they allegedly pulled guns on one another inside of the Wizards locker room. It was an incredibly embarrassing situation for both players and led to them serving long suspensions.

But over the weekend, Arenas tried to pretend like he didn't remember Crittenton when TMZ Sports asked him about his former teammate. Specifically, they asked Arenas about the 23-year prison sentence that Crittenton received recently for murdering a young woman in 2011. And his response was one long "Who?!"

It's pretty obvious that Arenas does remember Crittenton. Towards the end of the clip above, he even made a joke about putting some money on the books for him. But it's clear that these two, er, "lost touch" after their infamous incident. Check out the video to watch Arenas play dumb.

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[via TMZ Sports]