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Dez Bryant isn't necessarily the most active athlete on Twitter. He seems to come and go as he pleases when it comes to social media. But one thing that he does do a lot is interact with his followers. However, he decided to interact with one young lady last night—and it didn't end well.

Towards the end of the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, Bryant's Cowboys drafted Connecticut cornerback Byron Jones with the 27th pick. And Bryant responded to it by posting this to Twitter:

A few minutes later, Twitter user @theelectwoman08 responded to his tweet by calling Bryant "corny." And from there, all hell broke loose. She has since made her Twitter account private, meaning we can't see exactly what she wrote about Bryant. But Bryant saw her call him "corny," referred to her as "fat girl" in a subsequent tweet, and then proceeded to go back and forth with both her and some of his followers who chimed in over the next half hour or so:

Bryant isn't apologizing for getting into it with the woman, either. After they were done tweeting, he posted these tweets and retweeted people who thanked him for interacting with his followers:

Well, this is one way to use Twitter to keep in touch with your "fans." Er, we guess…


A woman claiming to be Twitter user @theelectwoman08 reached out to us via email this morning to let us know that she does not follow Bryant on the social media site.

"I just want to be clear I never did follow him on Twitter," she wrote. "I tweeted his name and did not mention him directly. He searched his name and responded to me. While his response was a bit childish, honestly the publicity has made the situation worse. While I genuinely think his response shows just how corny he really is, he remains one of the most talented wide receivers to ever do it."

We have updated this post accordingly.

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