Holy crap, the NBA playoffs start tomorrow. Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes will be off to work on Sunday, when his team begins their postseason journey against the San Antonio Spurs. To get the whole family in the right mind, Barnes' sons donned their favorite NBA jerseys to school. Apparently, today is "Dress As Someone You Look Up To" day at school for the Barnes children. While one of them appropriately threw on his daddy's jersey, the other proudly showed off enemy colors. (That Chinese New Year jersey is sick though.) 

Here's the caption Barnes attached to his IG:

2day for school the boys had to dress up as someone they look up too.. Carter chose daddy & the clippers, Isaiah chose steph curry & the warriors 😳. Can you guess witch kid will be up for adoption nxt week?? Lol JUST KIDSING😂😂 tag someone you love that cheers for the wrong team....#ThankGodTheirsTwo

Steph Curry is just too cool with the kiddies. Can Matt Barnes juggle chicken nuggets while dribbling? 

No, he can't. He's Matt Barnes. 

Image via USA Today Sports/Jayne Kamin-Oncea 

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[via matt_barnes9 on Instagram