Earlier this month, we told you about how police in Arizona were trying to decide whether or not to charge Suns players Marcus and Markieff Morris with a crime for allegedly beating up a man at a youth basketball tournament back in January. According to reports, the Morris Twins and several of their friends attacked the man after he sent an "inappropriate" text to the brothers' mother. And now, police have decided that they will charge both men and three others with felony aggravated assault for their roles in the incident.

Phoenix police released this statement to ESPN.com a short time ago explaining their investigation into the Morris Twins' involvement in the case:

"Because the offense occurred at a basketball tournament with over 100 in attendance, including many youth under the age of 18, the Phoenix Police detective assigned to this investigation was tasked with tracking down and interviewing all who may have been witness to the assault, including out of state attendees. After weeks of interviews and information gathering the detective was able to present a cognitive investigation to the Maricopa County Attorney's office for review."

Stay tuned for further details. It sounds like the Morris Twins might be in for a long legal battle during the NBA offseason.

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